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Hear what the Players say about our harmonicas

Brendan Power - New Zealand
The instruments are great and I am enjoying playing them, especially the baritone models, which I'd never tried before. i also think your diatonics are excellent, especially the Black Blues, which is the best new diatonic I've tried in years.

Stan Harper - USA
I have used Hering Harmonicas since almost as soon as they were available in the United States market. They are my exclusive choice for all my playing. I'm also happy to say that the Hering Company is continually trying to make an even better instrument - my congratulations.

Johnny Rover - USA
I just want to thank you for making fine products, and to let you know that I will continue to endorse and use Hering Harmonicas here in the USA and where ever my career may take me.

William Clarke - 1951-1996 - USA
I have used many brands/models of harmonicas over the years for live performances and studio work. I believe that Hering is the best chromatic harmonica in the world.

Haroldo Gonçalves - Brazil
Hering Harmonicas, from the simple models to the three and four octave Chromatic models, no matter curved, straight or double, they fulfill both amateur and professional requirements. Hering is the number one harmonica.

Jefferson Gonçalves - Brazil
Hering Harmonicas are great ! They combine an aggressive tone and long durability, and can be included among the best worldwide. I am proud to play them.

Benê Jr.- Brazil
Both the Hering chromatic and diatonic harmonicas, as used by myself when playing with the Mister Jack Band, have the essential advantages needed for a good musical performance. This high quality is inherent from a tradition of more than 70 years of manufacturing, researching the best raw materials and assistance from professional technicians.

Ronald Da Gaita- Brazil
Throughout my life I have had the opportunity to use and play many harmonicas, so I can certainly talk about the quality of the Hering harmonicas. The tradition and the efforts used during manufacturing result in the perfect tone and response that they offer.

Clayber De Souza- Brazil
As a teacher, I know for sure that my students, both in my school, and taking courses by mail, are aware that the best chromatic harmonicas and diatonic blues harmonicas are from Hering. As a professional player, in showa and recordings in Brazil and abroad as well, I use only Hering Harmonicas. They are excellent, accurate, and absolutely more than adequate for all performances.

Orquestra Harmônicas de Curitiba- Brazil
Hering Chromatic harmonicas offer the best conditions to the performance of any theme. Due to the instruments high quality, it has the tone quality and performance that result in a state of the art instrument.

Peter "MadCat" Ruth - USA
I'm definitely impressed with the new Hering Diatonic harmonicas, especially the Golden Blues, the Black Blues and the Hering Blues. They have a strong, rich tone... they play great... they are precision built... and they look cool too. I'm very pleased to be playing these high quality harps at all my concerts and recording sessions.

Mike Stevens - Canada
Hering Blues Harmonica is the best out of the box harmonica I have ever played.

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